Explore the Mountains and Minds of the Ixil Maya

A journey into the ancient homeland of the Ixil Maya offers unforgettable opportunities to explore this traditional culture and stunning geography on an unusually personal level. Illustrated with alluring photographs and hand-drawn maps, this unusual guide provides: up-to-date logistics of travel and accommodation, critical insight into Ixil Maya history and culture, portraits of Ixil professionals, and detailed explorations of markets, enterprises, archaeological sites, and ecological wonders.

“Truly admirable and multifaceted compilation of perspectives on the Ixil experiences— through time, space, and many dimensions of culture and language. A good introduction to the scholarly literature, activist perspectives, travel guide, and beautiful coffee table book, written with personal charm.”

Mayan linguistic scholar and former director

of The Center for Mesoamerican Research (CIRMA).

The Spanish translation is now available paperback!! Los Mayas Ixiles de Guatemala: Viajes a Nebaj, Chajul y Cotzal(2017).


Author Susanna Badgley Place learns the time-honored techniques (and a few secrets) of ancient Maya back-strap loom weaving. (Photo by Scott Stoll)